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With all its positiv implications, mindfulness in a workplace is 100% self-chosen in a deeply personal pursuit.”

– S. Kaven

You and your organisation

 “Mindfulness does not exist separate from our life at work, at home, as a business owner or perhaps office worker, on a business trip or the home office. We all can be mindful no matter what we do or where we are in a given moment. However, this page talks particularly to you, if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or someone leading other people throughout the day.

You basically have responsibilities for others or you are simply interested in having an upbeat and healthy workforce, co-creating or working with you on maximising productivity or output.

So, bringing mindfulness into your company, hence raising awareness inside your organisation may be just right for you in this very NOW.”

Self-chosen and deeply personal pursuit


From that standpoint, let’s take a look at why mindfulness in a workplace is of such fundamental importance, something we just don’t want to leave out anymore. I also gonna touch on mindful leadership and mindfulness for leaders but for this particular subject, you will find further information here.

Let it also be said, misapplying mindfulness can cause undesired results and can then not be called mindful anymore, as the power of mindfulness is simply taking the moment and letting the moment exist in its totally. Only a certified mindfulness teacher, who him or herself has embodied mindfulness, can lead and assist participants in their explorative way to more consciousness into their lives at work and home.

Last, but not least, it is paramount to also notice, that some employees may feel pressured into participating at mindfulness trainings in a company, which is contrary to the spirit of mindfulness as a self-chosen and deeply personal pursuit. Here it is absolute vital, that participation has to be always a self-chosen process and remain voluntarily in its nature.

Mindfulness enters business conversation


Fact is, that mindfulness has entered mainstream business conversations and that those conversation have reached especially in the US and the UK high grades of not only acceptance but a very well noticed trend in moving into a mindful business world, taking larger steps, as ever before. Just a little bit of research shows that people like CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, are now participating on events, like the “mindfulness in america”, sharing the stage with people such as, Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace or Soren Gordhamer, founder of WISDOM 2.0.

Search Inside Yourself – Google´s Chad Meng Tan

Example 1 – Google


Other business owners or leaders in the corporate and high-tech world have taken up mindfulness for themself and their employees, Increasingly, noticing the measureable benefits from these techniques are being heard from other companies as well. There we have Google with Chade Meng Tan, who has revolutionized Google in its approach to mindfulness and has spoken on several occasions about his approach to mindfulness, which btw. can be very entertaining.

More awareness across the board

Example 2 – General Mills


Or let´s take a look at General Mills, a food company with products such as Häagen-Dazs and Cheerios. Now, the institute for mindful leadership has conducted a significant research study into understanding the effects of mindful leadership training at this company.

The results are quite staggering in terms of the feedback given by the 123 managers and directors of General Mills, after they participated in a 7 week mindfulness training.

Now, 93% of the participants said, that the training had a positive impact on their ability to create space for innovation. 89% said the program improved their ability to listen to themselves and others and nearly 70% reported that the training had a positive impact in their ability to think strategically.

  • Ability to create space for innovation 93% 93%
  • ability to listen to themselves and others 89% 89%
  • Improved ability to think strategically 70% 70%

Intel – Moving from stress to mindfulness

Example 3 – Intel


Another very exciting example is that of Intel, a company which for a long time believed, as so many other companies, that without stress, there ain’t no good hard working people.

The Newspaper theguardien reported about this development in April 2014.

Now, Lindsay Van Driel, an Intel Business Operations Manager got inspired by the just described effort that was done by Chade Meng Tan’s initiatives at Google. She introduced mindfulness on a large scale and today thousands of Intel employees have participated in the house made programs, which are called awake(at)intel. 



“Mindfulness is the moment you are and the born awareness you live.”


Sven Kaven

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