#1 SILENT RETREAT DAY - Oslo Community Mindfulness Stampen

03. March 2019, 10:30 – 16:30 – Oslo Community Mindfulness Stampen – SILENT RETREAT DAY

Dear mindful people,

Katrin Skaria, a mindfulness facilitator at the Oslo Community Mindfulness Stampen and Sven Kaven, a practicing MBSR teacher as well as a mindfulness facilitator at the Oslo Community Mindfulness Stampen want to invite you to participate at our next SILENT RETREAT.

We will be spending about 6 hours together in silence, while we go through different kinds of mindfulness practices. The only people talking are the instructors, who will guide you through each and every practice.

For scheduling and organisation see further down in the text.


Mindfulness basically means, being present or in other words, conscious to the present moment. It suggests, that all that is here or perhaps happening can be part of once own awareness and therefore becomes an experiential part of the space we create for it.

So, being mindful is an active, on purpose lead approach to noticing all, that enters our awareness without being reactive to it or needing to change anything. Now, Mindfulness has its origin in ancient Buddhist meditation practices from 2,500 years ago, but it’s increasingly taught in a secular form. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn is thought of the man who brought mindfulness to the United States and has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 47 years. Now that we are here in Oslo teaching mindfulness in this secular form also means, that there is no need for religious or other spiritual attachments, which opens this up for so many people, hence giving literally every person access to the benefits of a daily mindfulness practice


Now, being in a silent retreat does not mean that there will be total stillness. On the contrary, because of engaging the stillness within, we are able to much better notice, what is with each and everyone in a given moment. So, we hear what we may otherwise not be aware of. Perhaps thoughts, perhaps a car driving past the building or simply the humming sound of an air-conditioning. A silent retreat enables us to hear the stillness, we may otherwise simply miss during our busy schedules. So, this silent retreat is simply an offer to engage with the present moment without the need to hold on to it, without the need to search or look for it but instead, simply be here, during this retreat with perhaps an open awareness and mindful attention to what is here to notice.

A silent retreat is a wonderful way to connect with you yourself, through observing our body-sensations, thoughts, emotions and sounds on an extended time-frame.


As we will be together for about 6 hours you can expect different types of practices. We may simply practice an awareness of breath in a sitting or laying down posture. Furthermore, we will be practicing a classic body-scan, which we usually guide during an 8-week MBSR courses – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction based on the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn. You can expect a walking meditation, which basically means, that we will practice noticing every step we take. Noticing perhaps the sensations, that are connecting with putting our foot down to the ground. Perhaps even noticing sounds and other body sensations during a 15 – 20 minute mindful walk. We will also practice an open awareness in which we, if you like travel through our sensory experiences – noticing what is here with us, without the need to judge the experience itself.

Each mindfulness practice will be explained at the beginning.


For every participant, this course is going to unfold very differently and so is also the made experience to anyone practicing with us very unique. However, in order to embody the practice of mindfulness, each participant simply needs to approach the retreat-day with curiosity and a beginners mind, like a child would do when it digs in a sandpit for hidden treasures.

I would even say, that by simply being open to any experience you will give the unfolding the space and this way the room to show, for what wants to be seen. Basically, see if you can come to this retreat without any expectation.


IMPORTANT: As this is a silent retreat it is vital, that you arrive well in time, if you wish to participate. Also, please send an E-MAIL to info@amindfulearth.com to confirm your attendance. The Facebook CONFIRM will not be enough to secure your place!

At the day of the event, you will receive a complete overview of all schedules and practices, as well as available breaks, incl. lunch break. For the moment here a nutshell overview.

Tickets: 350 NOK / only cash – payable at the door (available tickets: max. 35)

Date: 03. March 2019, 10:30 – 16:30

Arrivals: from 10:15 – 10:30
Start: 10:30 with Introduction and short arrival meditation
Start Silence: 11:00 / End Silence 15:30
Exchange & Inquiry: 15:30 – 16:15
End: mindfulness practice: 16:15 – 16:30


It is still March, so it would be good if you bring some warm clothes, perhaps a blanket and warm socks to keep you as comformtable as possible during the retreat day.

– warm clothes (socks, jumper, blanket)
– something to drink, cold and / or hot
– snacks and something for lunch
– if you have, bring a yoga-mat with you (good for laying down meditation / body-scan)

Should you have question to this Event, please contact us directly here on the event page or send an E-Mail to info(at)amindfulearth.com or visit www.amindfulearth.com/events

We hope to see you March the 3rd 2019

Katrin & Sven

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