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– Sven Kaven –

He experienced straight up to his bones, what it means to keep up with the challenges, working in a world, that is driven by the demands of being driven.”

In A Nutshell

Currently in Norway

A mindful earth was founded by Sven Kaven. He is a certified mindfulness teacher and entrepreneur, who helps people transform stress into the ease of this moment. He offers people, as well as companies mindfulness sessions at their locations, by leading mindfulness based stress reduction meditations but also science based sessions about mindfulness for leaders and mindfulness at a workplace.

Moreover, through his yearlong experiences, as a long-distant walker, Sven is uniquely positioned in offering mindfulness walks and hikes, which tend to stretch across 3 – 10 days, helping people to not just re-connect through basic mindfulness meditation but also through the body experience itself.

Sven Kaven is a certified mindfulness teacher through the Mindful Academy International.

The mindfulness curriculum of the “Mindful Academy International” teaches and follows the standard Mindfulness MBSR 8 Week course curriculum taught around the world. This includes the Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research CMRP Bangor, UK where my Teacher, Founder and Director of Training Kathy Ward trained, and the official MBSR course curriculum taught at UMASS Centre for Medicine. I am grateful, for having had the possibility to be on her teacher training courses and so you can be sure of high standards and a heartfelt teaching.

Check out the page of the Mindful Academy International for more details.

 Learn and experience through Sven and his Mindfulness Sessions, how you and your team can benefit from mindful leadership throughout your organisation and embody workplace happiness.

The corporate business environment

Even though, Sven was born in Germany, he has spent a large part of his adult life abroad. 10 years in the UK exposed him to the world of arts at the Tate Gallery, where he was able to bring in his information technology skills. Later on, he moved on to the city of London, making firsthand experiences with the demands of a corperate business environment. He experienced straight up to his bones, what it means to keep up with the challenges, working in a world, that is driven by the demands of being driven. A bit like the instinct of a hunger-driven sabre tooth tiger. Sven already realised in 2006, also by noticing his own tiredness, that people may need help in order to keep up with the demands of their busy lives and at the same time stay healthy and well. He started bringing meditation in to his life.

6.000 Kilometers by Foot

Next to his very own, daily mindfulness practice, he is also an enthusiastic long-distance walker. Over the last 4 years, Sven has walked somewhat over 6.000 Kilometers and lead in the spring of 2016 his first – Walk to Mindfulness and Freedom – Walk with a small group of people.

In 2018, Sven walked from Berlin, in Germany  to Bern in Switzerland, which the Mindfulness Magazin “momentbymoment” was reporting on in their September issue of 2018. More about the journey, you can read here in German, or simply watch the english speaking Video.

Sven loves to practice mindfulness meditation, yoga and long walks. He has found great inspiration through authors like Jon Kabat-Zinn (Full Catastrophy Living), Eckahart Tolle (The Power Of Now) and Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence)

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