A mindful earth starts with…
You, the fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, managers, leaders, office workers, travelers, prisoners, workers, pensioners, the sick or the healthy. It makes the planet more conscious… more mindful and therefore presents more accessible.
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Mindfulness is always here with us
In my experience, the present moment can only be fully experienced, when we bring awareness to what happens, what we actively do or think or even feel..

Mindfulness basically is concious awareness and the practice of mindfulness has the capacity to not just strenghten our mindfulness muscel, but to re-gain access to the infinit potencial in life for each and everyone.

… in the end, mindfulness is NOT what you think.

So, what is mindfulness?
Mindfulness basically means, being present or in other words, conscious to the present moment. It suggests, that all that is here or perhaps happening can be part of once own awareness and therefore becomes an experiential part of the space we create for it.

So, being mindful is an active, on purpose lead approach to noticing all, that enters our awareness without being reactive to it or needing to change anything.

Why Become a Mindful Leader?
because by turning towards mindfulness it helps us see the things the way they are and not the way we wish to have them.
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Mindfulness in a workplace
Mindfulness does not exist separate from our life at work, at home, as a business owner or perhaps office worker, on a business trip or the home office. We all can be mindful no matter what we do or where we are in a given moment. However, this page talks particularly to you, if you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or someone leading others
Mindful Leadership Sessions
A well balanced mindfulness practice is now scientifically validated to have dozens of health benefits and benefits to the mindful leader, who understands mindfulness in a workplace not as a means to an end. So, a mindfulness practice has been shown to increase productivity and increase loyalty and retention.
An 8 – Week Program into Mindfulness
The MBSR course is an 8 week program, with groups of up to 12 people, developed by Jon KabatZinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in the USA that has been used over thirty years to help with pain, depression, anxiety and to create mental balance and well-being. So, this program is based on a proven curriculum and is being tought around the world in this format

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A mindful earth was founded by Sven Kaven.

He is a certified mindfulness teacher and entrepreneur, who helps people transform stress into the ease of this moment. He offers people, as well as companies mindfulness sessions at their location by leading mindfulness based stress reduction meditations but also science based sessions about mindfulness for leaders and mindfulness at a workplace.

Find out more about my motivation to facilitate mindfulness to you personally, your business or workplace.